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The financial sector and climate change -  Measuring climate performance and carbon risk

Closed Event 5/19 : 8:30am – 6:30pm
Caisse des Dépôts
15 quai Anatole France
Paris, France 75007

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Climate change is an increasingly prominent issue on the agenda of institutional investors and banks. In March 2015, over 266 investors with over $20 trillion in assets under management (AUM) had implemented some form of climate change strategy. Banks in turn are increasingly looking for financing opportunities associated with the green economy.

There are two key drivers putting climate change as an issue on the agenda of financial institutions. First, financial institutions appear to increasingly respond to the broader societal challenge to realize the transition to a low-carbon economy. Second, there is growing awareness of the potential associated financial risks, especially those resulting from being high-carbon as the economy transitions to a low-carbon world. From a financial institutions perspective, both drivers require metrics and models to measure the appropriate response to these objectives.

This conference presents the global state of the art of climate performance metrics and risk models for financial institutions. The conference will involve interventions from over 30 leading organisations including Moody’s, S&P, FTSE, MSCI, Solactive, Mercer, Accenture, Kepler-Cheuvreux, Mirova, Credit Agricole, Carbon Tracker Initiative, Asset Owner Disclosure Project, Council on Economic Policies, Global Footprint Network, New Climate, CO Firm, Ecofys, Beyond Ratings, UNEP-Fi, WRI, IIGCC.

The conference will explore climate performance metrics for physical and financial assets, as well as financial portfolios, with a roundtable focused on low-carbon indices. The afternoon session will focus on risk metrics, in the context of transition to a low-carbon economy, for physical assets, financial assets, and financial portfolios.

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Access: Closed

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Event Type: Conference/Summit, Panel/Roundtable

Event Topic(s): Environment, Government, Finance, Business

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